Golf Cart Garage Doors

Golf Cart Garage Doors are miniature garage doors for miniature spaces!

Golf cart garage doors are a smaller version of the standard garage door, typically ranging in size from 8 x 7′, 9 x 7’, and 8 x 10′, but they are also available in 8 x 8′, 9 x 8′ and 10 x 8′.

Although, the 8 x 7′ and 9 x 7′ are the most common sizes for this type of garage door, and usually like its big brother comes in the stainless steel overhead configuration.

However, they are designed either to be used on a shed or car garages with the small space set aside for a small vehicle such as a golf cart, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or motorcycle. The reason that they are most commonly available in the overhead door configuration is simply because with the small size of the space availability.

Golf Cart Garage Door

Looking for a Golf Cart Garage Door?

Having a sliding or bi-folding door is simply not feasible due to the space constraints of such a small building, as there is no room to store the sections of the folding door other than on the ceiling.

Although slightly less common golf cart garage doors are available in wood and vinyl configurations. These are typically of the overhead style simply because as previously discussed, your space constraints. A typical garage door assembly usually starts anywhere from $4000-$5000, while golf cart garage doors are somewhat cheaper, ranging anywhere from $2.000-$3000, possibly more entirely depending on the custom work being done.

The texture paints and/or stain or whether it is a custom size that is either slightly bigger or slightly smaller than a standard golf cart garage door, all of these aspects will have a dramatic bearing on the price.

Having a golf cart garage door on a garage or a shop, is definitely a unique feature as they are not very common except for in larger houses, and/or commercial grade shops. Some people have even been known to use them for their pets, by installing a dog or cat sized door in the middle of the door, and reserving the small area of the garage workshop and the animals living quarters, although this entirely depends on, the owner’s preference.


Golf cart garage doors – gaining access to small or unused spaces

A golf cart garage door can allow an owner to have access to usable space that otherwise would have been difficult to enter, or you can say, a golf cart garage door allows easy access and entry to a part of the garage door shop that otherwise might not be used.

Golf cart garage doors are available in a broad variety of colors, and textures that will suit the user’s preference, i.e. requirements of the building. They are available from a wide variety of manufacturers, and because they are most likely to be built out of stainless steel, it really does not matter which manufacturer the user chooses simply because stainless steel used for the construction of garage doors golf cart or otherwise, is entirely uniform.

So what the user end up paying for is actually little bells and whistles like proprietary, sound dampening materials, or specialized quiet rolls that allow the door to move from the open and closed positions. The price point also depending on the manufacturer, and can be quite significant. Therefore, it is recommended for the user to choose a manufacturer who is within their budgets and/or price range. Although there may be slight differences in the quality of the manufacturing, with each given brand. These are not using noticeable enough to make much difference in wonder over another.

Another option for sourcing a golf cart garage door is simply to use the Internet. However, the user should be reminded that although the prices on the Internet may appear to be cheaper, but these are with the cost of shipping. The price difference is not typically that great. It would be cheaper, if you pay visits to one’s local hardware or door specialty store. Even though, a golf cart garage door might also need to be shipped from the store to the user’s house, but its cost of shipping is going to be cheaper and less of course.

The user can find an online price that is economical than the store price and be able to pick the door up at their local hardware store, such as Home Depot, which often makes online price deals in their products. However, there is no guarantee that an individual being able to find a deal of this nature. So again, it is probably best to go to a local hardware store and/or door specialty store to find the best deal on golf cart garage doors.
Golf Cart Garage Doors

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