Garage Insulation Blanket

A garage insulation blanket is an inexpensively way to maintain at even temperatures.

A garage door insulation blanket is a soft material similar to cloth and other forms of home insulation. It comes in the form of a blanket or large sheet that is designed to be cut into sections, depending upon the size of a garage door. A garage insulation blanket are designed specifically to be used with stainless steel overhead garage doors. Because, a solid wood door has no way of getting insulation into it, and a vinyl garage door typically comes already prepared with insulation inside the door.

Insulation blanket is installed by removing the back on most of the typical garage door and placing the squares of the garage door insulation blanket in between the ribs that form the supporting structure for each section of the garage door. The garage insulation blanket can typically be installed in six steps, which simply involve cutting the blanket, facing the square in the appropriate spot, and when this is done, placing the back the panel onto the garage door once again.

Depending on the size of garage door and the labor involved, this could take a matter of hours, particularly if an individual has help in this process. Garage door blankets are manufactured by a wide variety of garage door and garage door accessory company as well as companies that manufacture other types of home insulation materials such as Pink Panther.


A garage insulation blanket typically comes in kits, ready to use out of the box

garage insulation blanketThe typical garage door insulation blanket comes as a kit with everything needed to install. The garage door insulation blanket kit usually retails from anywhere (depending upon the size of blanket required) from $60-$135 for a blanket. The insulation is designed to keep the garage and/or workshop warm in the winter by trapping the warm air inside the workspace, and cool in the summer again by trapping the cool air in the workspace, thus allowing the workspace to be as comfortable as possible all year round.

Garage door insulation blanket kits are available all over the Internet as well as from any reputable hardware store and specialty door store. The only thing that the user really needs to be concerned with before purchasing any insulation blanket for a garage door is to make sure that they get the suitable thickness of blanket to insulate the appropriate thickness of the garage door. Other than that, the typical garage insulation blanket, although it may have a few proprietary bells and whistles such as a special feature that will allow it to maintain a greater amount of heat, etc.

They are all made of relatively the same material, which can either be something resembling synthetic cloth or fiberglass such as the of the Pink Panther variety. It is up to the user’s preference, price point, and quality of a given manufacturer to decide whether to purchase their product.

If a user is at all unsure about what sort of a product, they should use any given garage door, a visit to their local hardware store should remedy that problem in relatively short order. It is because they will have a professional associate on staff that will be able to answer all the questions that a user may have about a given product. It is necessary to hire someone to assist with the installation of the product, if the instructions that come in the product kit are lacking in any way.

There are wide varieties of videos published by of insulation available on the Internet on websites like YouTube that will give great visual demonstrations on how to go about installing the blankets in a door of any given manufacturer in the best way. As it has been previously stated, this project with a bit of assistance should only take a few hours. Although this can vary depending upon the size of door and the speed, at which the individuals are working.


Watch how to insulate your garage door

An insulation blanket will definitely help to save money on heating in winter, and air-conditioning costs in the summer, simply by maintaining the heat and cool air that are already available in the environment for a longer period of time, thereby allowing the workspace to remain as comfortable as possible. The user of the blanket should instantly notice at least a minor dip in the cost of the monthly heating bill and it will all be thanks to the installation of simple blankets that are designed to maintain a constant even temperature within a given workspace.

The only other thing a user of the blanket might want to be aware of before purchasing a blanket and working with it is whether or not there are any ingredients that they might be allergic to contain within the blanket. As occasionally due to the fibers and the manipulation and working with the blanket, they can create dust that can be inhaled by the individuals working with the blanket. It is therefore suggested that depending on the type of garage insulation blanket, the users wear a dust mask.

Garage Insulation Blanket

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