18 Foot Garage Doors

Some of the largest standard dinosaurs available are the 18 foot garage Doors!

18 foot garage doors usually means 18 x 7′, and it is one of the standard sizes available for garage doors, although it is slightly on the larger end of the standard sizing scale.

It is not an uncommon size of the door, especially that of the overhead variety. It means that when the door is open, it goes from a horizontal to vertical position, and is stored on the ceiling of the garage and workshop when the door is completely open.

These doors are divided into two sections to allow them to slide more easily from the open and closed positions. Although, the overhead door configuration is the most common, these doors are also available in either a sliding configuration in which the doors stay in completely horizontal and slide to the left or the right side of the building and/or garage.

18 Foot Garage Doors

Looking for 18 foot garage doors? You are at the right place..

However, the only downside to this sort of configuration is that these door need to be ample room on either the left or the right side of the building to ensure the space for the sections of the door to be stored when the doors completely open.

There is also the option of a bi-fold door, which folds in the middle making just two sections, and like the standard overhead door is stored on the ceiling of the garage or workshop.

The standard building material for an 18 foot garage doors is typically stainless steel, simply because stainless steel is one of the cheapest and strongest building materials available that can withstand drastic temperature changes without warping or cracking.

It can also be modified with any color and/or texture whatever the user desires. It can even be fitted with a wood veneer to give it the classic feel and look of a traditional wood door without all the expense, and/or maintenance that comes with a traditional wood door.

The other thing, someone who is looking for a 18 foot garage doors may want to consider as a third option between wood and stainless steel is vinyl. Vinyl garage doors can be tinted in almost any color imaginable, with a variety of textures as well they are extremely dent resistant and well insulated to keep ambient noise to a minimum while working inside a garage or workshop. However, the only downside to a vinyl garage door of any size is a vinyl has a tendency to turn a yellowish color over time.

However, the manufacturers treat them with compound to minimize this effect. However, it is still going to happen eventually, particularly if the user lives in a hot desert climate such as Arizona, where the sun is a constant presence, this will make the yellowing effect occur faster.

However, this is being said that vinyl doors will provide years of excellent service with minimal upkeep and should not be discounted as a possibility when searching for an 18 foot garage doors.


18 foot garage doors can be a considerable expense

Garage doors of any size can be a relatively expensive and 18 foot garage door of the stainless steel overhead variety usually starts at around $4000-$5000. Garage doors of the wooden variety can be typically more expensive depending on the type of wood that is used for their construction as the more exotic the wood the more expensive the door.

Solid wood doors also have to be precisely cut panels so that they glide on the tracks with surgical precision to make the opening and closing of the door as easy as possible.

When a wooden garage door is being constructed the manufacturers work very hard to ensure that the grain of the wood will match up when the door is closed. This makes the door much more aesthetically pleasing, but is a very time consuming process to copy boards and choose the right wood type, thereby increasing the cost of the wooden door. Vinyl doors actually are not that much cheaper as they still start around $3000-$4000, simply because of the material necessary machining required precision fit of any sliding door of any variety.

Although, it is possible to find a used door in good working condition over the internet, but this is typically not a user’s best bet, simply because regardless of the pictures that are shown in the advertisement, it is hard to know what condition the door will arrive in. Not to mention that on top of the cost of the door itself, there is the cost of shipping, which can be a considerable expense depending on where the doors are being shipped.

The best option for finding a used 18 feet garage door is to go to a surplus contracting store or a building reclamation store for the best possible price on the used door. It may even be possible at stores like these to find a used wooden 18 foot garage door in reasonable working condition for a fair price.

On top of which the user will pay considerably less in shipping even though the door may need to be transported for them by a moving service, simply due to its large size. This expense will be much less if the door is sourced locally.
18 Foot Garage Doors

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