The Buyers Garage Door Guide

The material of construction and the opening style of a garage door are very important considerations!

There a many different types of garage doors available in the market today. They can can be separated into two categories, and these categories are based upon either the material used to make them or their nature to open.

Read here our comprehensive guide to selecting your next garage door.


Garage doors

Choose the right garage door with our guide below.

The most common type of garage doors are:

  • overhead garage doors
  • sliding doors
  • sliding doors


→ The overhead garage door

The most common garage door for both commercial and residential use, is the overhead garage door. These doors are operated on tracks that will lift the door overhead while opening them.

These doors are made in sections so that they can negotiate the bend in the track more easily. When closed, they are in vertical position, and when these doors are opened, they are in the horizontal position above the floor.


→ The sliding door

sliding door

Is a sliding door the right option for you?

A sliding door is another option that the user may want to consider when deciding for his drug store. Sliding doors are similar to overhead doors, because they typically operate on tracks that guide the door from the open and closed positions. However, they always stay vertical, and just simply slide away from the opening.

The only downside to this particular style door is that there must be ample space on either the left or the right side to the door frame to accommodate the folded sections of the door when it is in the open position. This space requirement is definitely something the shop owner should consider before a sliding door is installed.

Most door’s stores or hardware stores will employ an individual who can help the shop owner by taking all the necessary measurements to make sure that the space is available for sliding door.


→ The bi-fold door

The third type of garage door is a bi-fold door. Bi-fold doors typically fold up to create an opening. These types of garage doors have two sections, in the middle and the bottom that pull toward the top to create an opening. When this door is completely in the open position, both sections of the door are nearly horizontal similar to that of an overhead door.

Buying a garage door and the importance of choosing the right material

The three most popular types of materials that are commonly used to make garage doors, of either commercial or residential type are:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Vinyl


Steel garage doors

steel garage doorAmong them, steel is the most common type of material used for constructing garage doors in both a residential and commercial settings. This is because steel is cheaper than a lot of other materials and there will be no crack or warp due to any yearly temperature changing that a door is likely to encounter.

Steel can also be coated with a wide variety of colors according to the desire of the owner to match the color scheme on the rest of the house or workshop. Typically, this painting consists of powder coatings, which are small colored particles of metal that are sprayed onto the door.

These particles will be bonded at a molecular level through a static charge or magnetic force depending on which system that particular paint shop/manufacturer chooses to use.

Steel doors can also be textured to resemble wood so that the home or shop owner can have all the aesthetically pleasing aspects of a traditional wooden garage door without all the worries that go with it.


Wooden doors

Wooden garage doorsThe traditional wooden garage door is still a very popular option, although it is most commonly used for residential purposes. Wood doors can also be rather expensive depending on the type of wood used for the construction, and the size of the door, etc. However, it should also be noted that wood doors do have their problems.

Eventually, the wood will warp and crack with the use overtime. However, they can be treated to prevent this happening rapidly and allowing the traditional wooden garage door to provide many years of aesthetically pleasing enjoyment to a home or a shop.

There are different options that are available when we are categorizing them on the way of opening. One famous option is sectioned overhead door, which slides on tracks into the horizontal position above the door frame.

Second option that is also very popular in wooden doors is the traditional or the traditional solid barn door that opens in two sections, one on the left, and other on the right side of the structure. This is simply because wooden garage doors are often thicker than steel or vinyl, and it is very difficult to accommodate the sliding or by the folding door for storage in the open position.


Vinyl doors

Vinyl is another commonly used material for the construction of garage doors. This is mainly because vinyl is dent-resistant, and comes in a wide variety of colors that resist cracking, peeling and fading. However, it is also being said that these vinyl doors do have a tendency to become yellow over time.

Many manufacturers treat their doors with a special compound, which help to prevent this from happening, but it is still a possibility. Therefore, it is advised that consider this option before purchasing a vinyl garage door.

No matter what type of door building material a shop or a homeowner wishes to use, there are wide varieties of options that are available in every color and texture that anyone can imagine.

All that needs to be done is to spend some time with one’s favorite search engine to see all the available options, and then possibly go down to a hardware or door store to get a real-world perspective on that particular door or doors, and how will look like in a real-world setting.

It is also important to make sure that the shop or garage has enough space to accommodate the style door that a shop or a homeowner wishes to install.

There is no need to worry if the shop or homeowner has problems with the dimensions of the space that needs to accommodate the door. A good hardware or door specialty store will have a representative who can help the shop or homeowner in this regard. They will make sure that all their measurements are correct and are able to accommodate the style door as desired by their customer.

It is needed because in some situations a particular style door, such as a sliding door is simply not feasible due to lack of space on one side or the other especially the door opening is rather larger.


How to choose material and color

Material and color

Get a beautiful garage door by chosing the right material and colors

After selecting the style of the door as per the space availability at the shop or home by their respective owner, they need to decide about the material and color for their door. If they have decided that they will buy door, which will be made up of wood, then they will need to select color that are available in the wood paint section.

Wooden door colors are usually available in the form of a stain and applied similar to standard house paint, except the stain soaks its way into the pores of the wood and does not simply remain on the surface. This will give a color to the door that will be permanent and will not pale or fade.

The process for a vinyl door is similar to staining, as vinyl is typically dyed the desired color and as previously mentioned, steel doors are powder coated, which is a way of bonding colored metal flakes to the steel door permanently.

After selecting the desired color, texture, and style for your garage door, it is now ready to provide many years of hard work along with an aesthetically pleasing look that complements the shop or home. The look of the garage door/shop door can be rather important as these doors are typically larger and noticeable as well as attract a lot of attention.

Whether an individual actually realizes it or not but having an ugly garage and workshop door can detract considerably from the anesthetics of a home or workshop. Therefore, it is important that the owner put some thought into just exactly what they want out of a garage door.